What make the Best Racing Cars in Asphalt Airborne?

Best Racing Cars in Asphalt Airborne

The racing cars in Asphalt 8 Airborne are generally those faster cars with longer Nitro duration. Also the racing car to choose depends on the class you’re playing in the game. For instance in Class D, the Ferrari 308 is a very fast car (with great handling) but with terrible Nitro duration; using it is good, but then, It can be very challenging keeping up with the rivals you will inevitably be racing against.

To know the best racing car, we’ll base our discussion on a race test on San Diego Harbor, the popular racing route in Asphalt 8; taking into consideration Single Tank, Nitro Booster and Tuning Kit. What we’ll be considering will be from the starting point and the following questions will be asked:  can the car get past or close to the entrance of the hanger or even at least past the fence when it takes the left fork. If it can, then undoubtedly, it nitro duration is long and it’s definitely one of the fastest racing car in asphalt 8 airborne. We take time to explain how you can cruise your monster cars without limitations. Nothing can be this fun if truely you are a racer.

Why are we choosing Nitro Duration as the yardstick of measurement? It is because: it is important to avoid being knocked out and also, it means longer stretches will be covered without jumping and drifting both of which of course slow you down. It should however be noted that Nitro Duration is not everything.  Listed below are the fast racing car with long nitro duration and the point they reach while racing (based on our yardstick of discussion)

 Class D

Renault Dezir, an excellent car for both speed and nitro. In San Diego harbor, it gets to the entrance. Pretty cool!

Class C

Lamborghini Miura has long Nitro duration and a good engine, it is an amazing pleasure to drive and look at in San Diego harbor, it gets to the fence.

In this same class, we have Felino cB7 a beast on the road and known for it dashing speed and lengthy Nitro duration, it is quirky in handling and you have to watch the curbs. In San Diego, it also gets to the fence.

The last in this class is Lotus Exige S Coupe: with good Acceleration and Nitro duration. it also each the fence of the harbor.

Class B

Citreon Survolt drives well, has long Nitro and it is the favorite of the newbies. In San Diego harbor, it gets to the fence. Another fast car in this class is Mercedes-Benz Biome has a super dashing speed, takes sharp bends without needing to drift and has a long Nitro duration. In San Diego it gets very close to the entrance.

Class A

McLaren P1 is nice car in this class, easy to drive, quite fast and has excellent Nitro duration, it gets close to the entrance.  Ferrari P4 is also fast, cool and has good Nitro duration and close to the entrance.

Chevrolet Camaro 2016 is also very fast when tuned to Speed and Nitro, has reasonable nitro – but difficult to drive. It also close to the fence.