How to Prevent Nurse’s Aching Feet

Nurse’s Aching FeetNurses, restaurant workers and other long foot standing jobs will attest to different foot pains that arises as a result of standing or walking or running for so long without proper rest of the foot. The feet is made up of 26 bones, 33 joints and 19 muscles held together by more than 100 ligaments. Since nurses spend more than half of their shift on foot, it means that health care worker with uncomfortable footwear is likely to develop foot ache. That is why an ideal nurse work shoes should be comfortable and fit perfectly to avoid killing the feet. We will be looking into some of the possible cures for foot ach just in case you happen to be a victim.

  • Change your work shoes every three to six months to maintain foot safety and comfort. Sneakers seem to be comfortable than other clog shoes, though either way some shoes can be comfortable to Mr. A and that same shoe can be uncomfortable to Mr. B. Therefore it is important you understand what your foot needs and make sure you provide the best for it. But the perfect rule is to own a two pair of comfortable work shoes and rotate them. Be careful of your choices and make sure your shoe makes you feel good.
  • Weight loss is another key point to note when looking at preventing foot ach. It surprises some people that their shoe size today might not be their shoe size in three weeks’ time just because of weight gain. Therefore it is important to check your weight and probably have your feet measured from time to time as a slide increase in your foot can brought shoe discomfort.
  • Foot exercise is another major point as your foot requires flexibility. Scheduling time to engage your foot in some exercise can also keep it off from ach and other joint pains.
  • Pedicure and foot massage is very important and can go a long way to keep the foot safe and off from infections. It is not for women alone, men are advisable to take manicure important as cleaning and cutting off long nails is hygienic to the body.

Finally for nurses hoping to take their day job to a greater height, understanding the above point can guide you in making decisions that will keep your foot in comfort. You can as well check out some perfect fit nurse shoes and make your decision for a long lasting gear.